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For any project, you can view all the milestones and the tasks assigned under them by clicking on the Task tab. The task tab gives a listed view of

  • milestone under which the task is assigned
  • priority level set for the task
  • task due date
  • members assigned to the task
  • sub task(if any)
  • time sheet 
  • comments.


The tasks can be added to you favorites by clicking on  .

The tasks can be followed by clicking on . Once done, you will be able to receive all the task updates in the feeds section.

Clicking on the select drop down you can add sub task, time sheet, members and comments to the task. 

You can edit any task by clicking on .

You can delete any task by clicking on .

By clicking on this check box, you can view all the completed tasks.




The calendar tab shows all the deadlines set for the tasks. It facilitates the project managers and other members working on the project to get a quick view of the impending task deadlines for the month.

In the above image, May 11th and 14th show the deadlines for two tasks.


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