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Detailed information of the account can be added through five different sub tabs (general, address, other, social links and tags) which have their own corresponding fields.


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Name is mandatory field, which you must fill in to create new Account.
The Account automatically gets assigned to the person who has created it.  To change this, click on the text box and type.  An auto-suggestion  list of users will appear from which you can select names by ticking the check boxes. One Account can be assigned to multiple users.


Update multiple Email addresses by clicking on the + Add another link. You can also choose any one of the Email addresses as primary.

Provide the related URL here.

Image RemovedSelect the Lead Source from the drop down menu.

Image RemovedSet the industry type for the account.

Image RemovedImage AddedSelect the type of account (Company, Person, Reseller or Vendor ) from the drop down menu.

Image RemovedImage AddedSet the status for the account as Active, Inactive or Closed.

Image RemovedImage AddedClick on Save to create the Account or else click on Cancel.



Billing and Shipping address of the account can be added under this section.