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ConvergeHub has an advanced Summary section in the left panel. It is built to empower you gauge your key business metrics in a flash. It presents you with a quick access to the exact number of leads, accounts, contacts, deals, tasks and events stored and saved within your CRM application.

While creating the report or during the course of customer communication - NO matter wherever you are in ConvergeHub, you can know all that is there within your business from a quick glance at the Summary Section. In other words,  it doesn't require you to go a whole long way to the module specific page to find the exact number.

In addition to providing the number of leads, accounts, contacts, deals, tasks and events, Summary section also gives you a detailed insight into each and every module data.

For instance, clicking on Leads, you find information on:

  • Lead Source

  • Industry

  • Type

  • Status

  • Sales Process

In similar terms, clicking on Events, you find information on:

  • Type

  • Priority

  • Status

To View the Summary Section:

Click on the plus sign beside the Summary Section.

View the present number of leads, accounts, contacts, deals, tasks and events.

Click on any of the modules (leads, accounts, contacts, deals, tasks and events) to get a detailed insight. For instance, in the below given image, we have clicked on Leads which gives us information about Lead Source, Lead Industry and so on

You can view all the statistics in the form of a pie-chart by clicking on the pie-chart icon. Example:

Click on the minus sign to close the Summary Section.


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