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All Leads can be viewed in the listing page. The left panel of the Leads Listing page includes the following options:

Leads can be added to the listing page either from the  link in the left column or by clicking on  button on the upper right corner of the page.

You can add bulk Leads through a CSV file from the  link.

You can create Leads reports using  link.

Web form script can be generated from the  link.


You can perform a quick search by inputting keywords on the Search field. 

You can also search your Lead by using various search criteria through the Advanced Search link.

The various combinations of advanced search functions can be saved and edited with keywords of your desire and can be used to search repetitively. The keywords or phrase you have saved are available on the Saved Searches drop down.


By selecting check boxes beside the Leads, you can select all the Leads and from the action drop-down, you can  Mass Update them.


The Leads can be added to you favorites by clicking on .


The Leads can be followed by clicking on . You will be able to receive all the Leads status change and updates in the feeds.


You can change the order of the top fields in the Leads listing page by dragging them from the cursor to the desired position.

You can get the options of adding task, event, note, comment; viewing followers, sending email, referring the lead to a third party and uploading a relevant file (from the computer or from the CRM library) by hovering the cursor on a particular lead.


The display of various Lead  fields can be customized by making mouse hover on  and then selecting the required fields you want to display.

By selecting check boxes beside the Leads, you can perform multiple actions on them from the action drop-down.


You can edit a lead detail by clicking on .


You can delete a lead by clicking on .


You can export any lead to CSV  or PDF  format. You can also delete a lead by clicking on 


 The Leads listing is paginated and you can set the number of the Leads you want to display per page.



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