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Clicking on any folder will redirect you to its dedicated page. Here you can find all the crucial information of the folder such as number of files, history, properties and shareable link.


Click to sort the order of the files present within the folder on the basis of date, name or size.

Click to mass delete, download or move and copy files. You can also select DocuSign option from the drop down menu to send the files for e-signature.

Click on the checkbox to select the files and perform action on them.

Click to delete, download or move and copy folder. Also you can create a new folder or upload a new file to this folder from this option.

Upload new files to the folder by clicking on .

Upload new sub folders to the main folder by clicking on .

You can create a Link by clicking on .

You can view the history of the folder such as the users who have shared the folder or downloaded it. Clicking onwill pop up a new section showcasing all the details.

You can instantly share the folder through the link. ConvergeHub enables you to send the link from within the application itself. If required, you can set access levels (password, expiration, restriction),  to the folder access.

ConvergeHub enables you to shorten the customized folder link with the help of Bitly. You are only required to provide the Bitly Username and API Key to avail the feature.

You can set the access type for the folder. At present the folder is open to anyone with the link and also view able to the collaborators.

You can see the owner of the folder cited here.

You can invite collaborators to update or share files in the folder by clicking on  or .    

Note: You can view the number of collaborators existing for any folder. In the above-mentioned example, there are two collaborators added to the folder which is why numerical 2 is shown beside the term Collaborations.


When you add more collaborators, the number will automatically increase.

You can view details of the folder such as name, description, owner, size, creation and updated date. Clicking on icon will pop up a new section showcasing all the information.


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