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A broadcast can be edited as per the requirements of the organization.However, users need to understand a few things before they proceed to edit any broadcast. A broadcast has 3 status:

  • Completed - Broadcast that has been delivered cannot be edited.
  • Scheduled - Broadcast that is scheduled to get delivered at a later date/time can be edited.
  • Draft - Broadcast that exists as a draft in the CRM system can be edited.

You can click on the check-box to select one or multiple broadcast for mass update.

You can edit a single broadcast by clicking on  icon.

You can delete a broadcast by clicking on .

You can choose the display pattern (column view or row view) of the broadcast listing by clicking on either of the options. 

Broadcast Listing fields can be customized by making mouse hover on  and then selecting the fields you want to display.


Stages of editing a broadcast

Once you click on a broadcast to edit, the broadcast detail page will open. Editing a broadcast has 5 stages, similar to creation of a new broadcast.


1. General:


Change the name section which is mandatory to fill.

Set the cost of the broadcast.

Choose the broadcast medium by clicking on the drop down menu for different options.

Set the response percentage that you expect from the corresponding broadcast.

Click on the  option to proceed to the next field.

Click on  to stop the editing of the broadcast and the incomplete broadcast will be saved with status Draft.


2. List:

Search any List by putting your required keyword in the Search field and then hitting .

Create a new list by clicking on the .

Select different lists/segments by clicking on the besides the respective option.

view subscribers of an existing List by clicking on the link that pops up when you hover the cursor on any list/segment name. You also get the View Subscribers link when you hover the cursor on the number of subscribers option. Example - .

Add subscribers to an existing List by clicking on the link that pops up when you hover the mouse on any list name. You can select accounts/leads/contacts by clicking on . You can create new accounts/leads/contacts and add them to the list by clicking on .

Filter your List by adding a Segment through link. You can also edit a Segment by making your mouse hover on the corresponding Segment and then clicking on the edit link.

Once you have edited the list for the broadcast, click on the option to save the List and move to the Template Tab.



3. Template:

Edit the subject of the e-mail.

Choose the group recipient of the e-mail by clicking on the drop down option.

Choose the text in which you would like to address the mail recipients by clicking on the drop down option.

Once you have edited the group recipient and the text, click on to apply these on the e-mail.

Select any position in the e-mail and Click on to include it.

Click on the drop down option to choose among the different templates. . Once you have set the template for the broadcast, click on the option. 

   Click to stop the application of the template.


4. Preview & Test

Name and e-mail fields are mandatory to fill.

Choose the type of template preview by clicking on either

Send a test mail before you deliver the e-mail to the targeted recipients.


5. Schedule Delivery:

Clicking on the two check boxes are mandatory.

Set the delivery of the broadcast either immediately or in a future day. When you select future day, choose the date from the calendar that pops up.

You can select the time from the drop down option.

Once you have set the time and date, click on .   If you do not want to go ahead with the broadcast, click


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