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The Day view of Calendar can be accessed by clicking on the Day tab .


All the public scheduled activities set for the oncoming days can be accessed by clicking on the  tab.


The Month's Calendar can be viewed by clicking on the icon.


You can view Both Event and Task or only Event or only Task through these buttons. These are toggle buttons which displays the Events and Tasks as per the requirement.


The  button will help in browsing Tasks and Events of the previous and next days.


The first column on the day view page displays the Tasks and Events with their tenure in hours and minutes.


On mouse hover, you will be able to view the details of Tasks and Events.


Double clicking on existing tasks/events will pop up a new section from where you can edit them as required. 


You can add a new event/task by double clicking on the respective time of the day.


The 2nd column displays the Work-list which you have and the Work-list which is due.



The 3rd column displays the Tasks and Events for the Next 7 days.


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