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Details of a report can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding report from the Report Listing page. A summary report gives you an overview of all the important details in the report. In addition to the written information, it also offers different chart view of the report data.


You can add the report to your favorites by clicking on .

You can edit the report by clicking on the  link beside the name of the Report.

You can create a similar report by selecting copy from the Action drop down.

You can export your report in PDF  CSV  and list  format.

You can set the number of rows you want to display per page.




The group shown in the chart is mentioned. Example- in the above pie chart, the different account names are shown.

You can select the chart view for the report by clicking on the drop down. 

You can refer to this section to understand the different segments of the chart. To view the legend, click on the  icon. 


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