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New target can be added by clicking on  in the left panel or by clicking on  tab in the upper right corner of the target listing page. Detailed information of the target can be added through four different sub tabs (general, address, other and tags) which have their own corresponding fields.


Select the salutation from the drop down option. 

Select the Status from the drop down option.

You need to fill in the first and last name of the target (which is optional.)

You can select the type of target from the drop down menu.

You need to fill in the Company name of the target.

You can state from which industry the target is related to.

You can enter multiple Phone Types and numbers. You can also choose any one of the phone numbers as primary.

You can enter multiple Email addresses. You can also choose any one of the Email addresses as primary.

You can click on  tab to save the details and proceed to the next section - address. 


Address Tab

Multiple addresses of the target can be added from the Address tab.



Other details of a target such as Department, Birth date, Website, Description, Annual Revenue, Employees and Title can be added through Other tab.


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