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ConvergeHub users can merge records together as per their business requirement. This option is available for the following modules - Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Target. Below stated are the steps that illustrate how users can merge the records:

Select the module, whose records you want to merge.


Once you select the module, you get the different criteria based on which you can filter the records. In the diagram below, we have chosen Primary Country.


Once you have selected the criteria, click on Search.


Select the check boxes beside the records that you want to merge together.


Click on proceed at the end of the record list.


It shows the fields that will appear in the merged record page.

It shows the names/values that will appear in the merged records page.

It shows the records of the first lead

It shows the records of the second lead.


As and per your requirements, you need to select the check boxes from record 1 and record 2. The selected records in total will show in the Merged Records section. For example in the above image, salutation of Record 1 is chosen and last name of record 2 is chosen. As a result, the merged record shows the details accordingly.

Fields that appear in the sub panel can also be merged. You just need to select the check boxes from record 1 and record 2 that you want to show in the New Merged Details page.  For instance, in the above image, feeds of Record 2 is selected while broadcast and targets of Record1 is selected.

Click on merge to successfully combine both the records. Or else, click on cancel.


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