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ConvergeHub How To section equips business professionals with an explanation on the most common CRM terms and functions. Use it to get get an insight into the basics of ConvergeHub, to explore its various features and know the application better.

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Page: Build your first Report Page: Build your first Web to Case form and integrat with your website Page: Build your first Web to Lead form and intergrate with your website Page: Check duplicate entries Page: Create a new Account Page: Create a new Contact Page: Create a new Lead - different options of creating leads Page: Create DocuSign Integration and how it is used? Page: Create Twilio integration and how it is used? Page: Create your first Automation rule Page: Create your first Campaign Page: Create your first Custom fields Page: Create your first Social Campaign Page: Create your vacation notification mail for your contacts Page: Difference between Targets, Lists and Segments Page: Different types of Templates available and how to use them Page: Gmail Integration Page: Google Calendar Integration Page: Google Contacts Integration Page: How Dropdown values can be updated? Page: How Google Apps is integrated? Page: How lead conversion takes place? Page: How Partner Collaboration works? Page: How to add new Users? Page: How to enable App from App Store? Page: How to organize layouts for custom fields? Page: How to use Import functionality? Page: Integrate Social links to enrich leads and contacts Page: Mass Update Page: Need to Assign Leads from one Agent to someone else Page: Power of Multichannel marketing Page: Power of Summary section Page: Quickbooks Offline Page: QuickBooks Online Page: Quick Reporting feature using Advanced Search Page: What is Alert and Notification? Page: What is Lead, Account, Contact and Deal? Page: What is Library and how it is used? Page: What is Mail to ConvergeHub functionality and how it can be used? Page: What is Sales Tools and how it is used?