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Reports can be edited from the the report listing page by clicking on the inline edit option . Also report can be edited from the Report details page by clicking on the  link.

You can edit the Module, Report Format and Related Module from here. Clicking on the  will take you to the next stages of report editing.



Through the Columns tab, you will be able to reset the different columns that you want to include in your report.

Clicking on  will take you to the next stage i.e. Order By. 


Order By

Through the Order By tab, you can re-select the fields by which you want the report information to get organized. You can also change the order the report in Ascending or Descending format.


Clicking on  will take you to the next stage i.e. Criteria. 



Through the Criteria tab you can reset Advanced Filters. This can be done by re-selecting new required fields from the list and then setting conditions and putting values to corresponding conditions.


Clicking on will take you to the last stage of report editing. 


  Here you can edit Report Name, Description and Advanced Filters. You can also change the scheduling of the report if you want. 


You can edit the name of the report here.


You can edit the report description.


You can edit Recipient Email address in the given field.


You can edit the status of the report as active or inactive by clicking on either of the options.


Once you have made the changes, click on  to save the changed options.


Click on   to generate the report.



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