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Leads can be edited by clicking on the  link on the Leads details page. All the content which are added to a Lead can be edited through the below-mentioned tabs.

All the general information on a lead can be edited through the General tab.


Multiple addresses of a Lead can be edited through the Address tab.


The sales process can be edited as per the evolving requirement. 

The sales agent can click on the check boxes after the completion of the activity.

He can change the sales process set for the lead by clicking on the drop down option. 


In addition, he can also edit the activities of the sales process by clicking on them individually.

For example -


Clicking on an activity will pop up a new section where the activity can be edited.


 Other significant information, like Referred By, Title, Department, Lead Image, Birth date, Website and Description can be edited from this tab.


Image Cropping

The size of the lead image can be cropped by clicking on the edit option.



Clicking on the edit option, a pop up window will appear from where the user can do the required image cropping.

Once the image is cropped according to the required size, Ok option   needs to be clicked upon to save the changes made. 

All the social links of a Lead can be edited from the Social Links tab.


It is an example of a customized field. ConvergeHub users can add new fields to the CRM depending on their requirement. Similar to other fields, the data inserted in the customized field can also be edited easily.

Once the changes are made, you need to click on  to update the new information.


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