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Contact details page contains all the information that you have added while creating the Contact. All the detailed information is view able through the tabs General, Address, Other and Tags. The detailed relationship between Contact with Accounts, Deals, Tasks, Events, Notes and Library can be viewed from here. You will also be able to create relationship  between Contact and Accounts, Deals,Tasks, Events, Notes and Library from this page.


 The contact can be added to your favorites by clicking on.


 The contact can be followed by clicking on  . By doing so, you will be able to receive all the lead status change and updates in the feeds.


You can edit the contact detail by clicking on the  link.


You can make use of the GoToMeeting app by buying an account in this application and then inputting the account information in ConvergeHub. Please note through the GoToMeeting app, you can easily conduct meetings and conferences.The same rule is also applied in sending SMS and fax through ConvergeHub. You need to set up your account in the respective SMS and fax third party application to make use of these features.


It displays general information like First Name, Last Name, Assigned to, Title, Phone and Email. The comments given in relation to the contact can be viewed. New comments can also be added to the  contact details.


Multiple addresses of the Contact can be viewed from the Address tab.


In the Other tab, significant information like Lead Source, Department, Created By, Last Modified By, Description and Comments  is displayed.

The  will take you to the previous page.


The  icon  helps you add/create contact-related accounts, lists, notes, deals, events and tasks. You can also add/create contact-related files in the library.


You can copy, edit, refer or add the contact to a list by clicking on the action drop down. 


You can send SMS to the contact by clicking on this option.


You can put your Comments on the Comment field and can view Comments of other as well.


Contact-related accounts, lists, notes, deals, events and tasks is displayed here.


More data can be added  from the CRM database to the existing list.


You can add new accounts, lists, notes, deals, events and tasks to the contact details.


There are two types of views i.e. column view  and row view . You can select the view depending on your requirement.


Feeds Tab

You can view all the updates/comments on the Contact through the Feed tab.

You can share link from the  option.


You can write your own comment in the comment box and share it with other users by clicking on the  tab.


You can comment on others comment by clicking on the link. You can further edit or delete the comment as required.


Like and unlike can be posted on Comments by clicking on the  or  option.


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