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You can get a descriptive view of the campaign by selecting the respective campaign from the Campaign Listing page.

You can bookmark the campaign by clicking on .

You can edit the campaign by clicking on the  link.

You can navigate away to the previous page by clicking on

You can select the Action drop down menu to Edit the respective campaign or Add Broadcast to it. 


The number of broadcast mediums selected for the campaign can be seen.

You can add another Broadcast medium by clicking on the tab.

You can choose the display pattern (column view or row view) of the broadcasts by clicking on either of the options.

Broadcast fields can be customized by making mouse hover on   and then selecting the required fields that you want to display.

You can click on the check-boxes to select one or multiple broadcasts for mass delete.

You can set the number of Broadcast rows to be displayed on the page by clicking on the  show drop down option.


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