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You can get an overview of all the automation in the automation listing page. You can view the details and do inline edit. Rule Name, Trigger, Related To and Status name are mentioned here. You can change the display pattern of the automation listing page by clicking on either column   or  row  view.  New automation can be added either by clicking on  link in the left column or by clicking on  tab in the upper right corner of the automation listing page.

You can perform a quick search by inputting a keyword in the search field.

You can also search the invoice by using various advanced search criteria through the Advanced search link.


 The various combination of advanced search criteria can be saved and edited with keywords of your desire and can be used to search repetitively.The keywords or phrase you have saved are available on the Saved Searches drop down

By selecting check boxes beside the automation, you can select one/multiple automation and can mass delete them through the Action drop down .

Automation can be added to your favorites by clicking on  icon.

You can delete one/multiple automation by clicking on icon.

You can set the number of rows to be displayed in the automation listing page by clicking on the show drop down option .

You can mass delete the automation by clicking on the Action drop down.  (Please note you need to select the checkbox besides the automation to mass delete them).

The display of Automation Listing fields can be customized by making mouse hover on   and then selecting the required fields that you want to display.

You can edit or delete any invoice by hovering the mouse on it.


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